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More than 10 years with one foot in front of a solar inverter and another in the monitoring system of a photovoltaic plant, passing through the airports of 24 different countries, give me a solid base to embrace my true passion: technical teaching.

Thanks to a great project like the one I develop from the Corporate University of Power Electronics, I can contribute to the technical training of colleagues and clients by contributing my practical experience with renewable energies, while I can disseminate about the exciting present and future of the electric mobility.

Always with a motto: “It is very difficult to beat someone who never gives up.”

Everything you must know about the electric car

The book that will teach you everything about the global future of mobility

· Is it the car of the future or of the past?
· Is the investment profitable?
· Do you have adequate autonomy for me?
· Buy an electric car now?
· What recharge options do I have?
· How much time will it cost me?

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Online course about electric cars (Tesla Example)

En esta entrada al blog, presentamos el curso online MOOC en él que tratamos los principales puntos de interés de la movilidad eléctrica en general y a los coches eléctricos en particular. Un ejemplo de las partes de un Tesla será la base para el mejor entendimiento de esta tecnología de reciente aparición en nuestras […]

Central or String Inverters? Perhaps neither!

Central or String Inverters? Perhaps neither!

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